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Week # 2 Lara and Andy’s wedding on Martha’s Vineyard…. amazing.

Feel very lucky that I got to be there the first time around, but feel even luckier about being a part of their wedding this time around. Was really beautiful to hear them say their vows surrounded by all their family and friends – plus, the party was ridic.

… Or, should I say, parties: this shit was a four day affair on the Vineyard, complete with hay ride, bonfire, burgers on the grill and beers on the beach. The four days was so good, because everyone got to know everyone. When the weekend ended, it was SAD. It felt like leaving summer camp (for really friendly alcoholics).  I need them to get started planning their vow renewal, STAT.

PS. The ceremony aspect of it went relatively smoothly (except when I lost my place in the notecards and had to flip through them 27 times.)  Pro tip: 4 Valiums makes you a superhero.


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Looks like all those years of  harassing me to be an altar girl finally paid off: I must have picked up some kind of spirituality via osmosis because Lara and Andy have asked me to be the celebrant at their wedding.


In all seriousness, I couldn’t be more thrilled slash honoured. I love Lara and Andy very dearly and feel so lucky to celebrate their day with them – oooooo I get so happy just thinking about it.

I am going to rechannel all my shopping/nerding/drinking energy into researching a ceremony that will do them justice.  I’ve started obsessively wedding watching ceremonies on YouTube. MORE than usual.

Andy’s going to look so pretty.


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