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A few months back, Karen, Fuller and I went to a leisurely Sunday afternoon lunch at Garfish in Manly, and we liked it so much that we decided to go back Saturday night and bring my parents too.

Who needs the real life view when it's showing on the plasma overhead?

The verdict? Better as a lunch place. The seafood is beautiful and fresh, but the view and the breeze are just more enjoyable on a sunny afternoon.

Highlights: my Hendricks Pink cocktail (Hendricks gin, maraschino liqueur, apple juice and fresh cucumber… amazing), our highly efficient server – from Florida, no less.

Qualms: The plasma TVs that have a live feed of the horizon on the water. You can get the same view if you look past them… to the OCEAN. Bizarre.

Parking in Manly makes me want to burn down a council building.


Nothing like eating prawns at $12 apiece and then paying $55 FOR PARKING.


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Mom and Dad are here. So excited!

They landed yesterday and we had a nice day lazing about in the sun on the back patio and wandering down to Balmoral Beach.

Was good to see Valentine too, as I don’t get to see him as much as I used to now that I am not living around the corner/showing up for dinner three nights  week/ bothering them for lifts everywhere/showing up at their house to borrow shoes, Foxtel, the contents of their fridge, etc.

I’ve spent so much time obsessing about when my parents arrived that it’s almost strange to actually have them here.

Hoping the next two weeks go by nice and slow so I can absorb it as much as possible.


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Alex's office

Alex, an old friend from Boston, was in Sydney this morning – he works on a cruise . Back in the day we used to work at Giacomo’s together in the South End. I was 18 and had just moved to the city for college and Alex looked after me.

By ‘looked after me,’ I mean brought me  to seedy bars in the North End where he would drink Johnny Walker (Black) and smoke Marlboros (Red) and I would drink whatever was put in front of me and then concentrate really hard on acting like I wasn’t drunk.

Most nights would end with Alex, myself, and his flatmate Cosmin at their kitchen table babbling at each other eating pickles and various meat that they cooked.

This sounds stranger than it felt.

Anyways, was so good seeing Alex. Re-crossing paths unexpectedly is a lovely thing – I was sitting across from him at coffee smiling to myself about how it is that we had both ended up in the same city, at the same time, on the other side of the world.


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Okay, I’ll stop after this batch, I swear.

….Unless Fuller sends more my way. I can’t help myself!

Now, I’m not a camera kind of person.

I’m more of a leave the camera in the back of the taxi/at the bar/in the bottom of my closet type of person.

But Briitni’s camera gave me my first experience of camera-envy.  No lie, I’m looking up Nikons on eBay. What? I think it would look nice on the floor next to my bedside table.


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A selection of Allison’s Sydney pics, for your viewing pleasure.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These include: nights out in Kings Cross, kayaking at Palm Beach, dinner for twelve at Samurai Sushi, tourism.


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Here are some of Allie D’s pics from the Blue Mountains. If I didn’t express clearly how disgustingly hungover and innapropriately dressed we were, these should get the message across.

high altitude, high fashion.


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Allie landed on Thursday and ever since it’s been a whirlwind of marathon days, sauv blanc, and lost iphones (sniffle). After staying out until 5 am on Allie’s first night here, and then giving it another good nudge the following night – we decided a mini trip to blue mountains wouldn’t lead us astray. I mean, there’s only like one bar there, how much trouble could we get into?

We got up there just after lunch, and where the weather in Sydney was sunny and mild, the weather in the Blue Mountains was intense fog and drizzle. We decided to layer up and take on a three hour hiking trail, which was well worth it. You forget how much you are dying for a bit of greenery until you get out of the city.

Allie D, Wentworth Falls Walking Trail

Fuller took the below pics on her phone. I know the Hipstamatic app isn’t new, but I still can’t get over how clever it is, and how I love it so.

After the hike we checked in at our motel, The 3 Explorers, adorable (bunk beds!) and very clean. We drank tea and warmed up before heading into Katoomba center, to The Old City Bank Bar and Brasserie, which I think we all loved. We got a bottle of red and sat in the corner playing rummy and cackling at each other. There’s something nice about spending a late afternoon in a pub, all warm  and cozy, watching it get dark outside and not needing to be anywhere.


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So for the past few days, Briitni, a friend from college has been in town.  It is really, REALLY exciting to get visitors here, as it doesn’t happen too often. I get to see a familiar face, and help them explore the city. Which basically means giving them a laundry list of my favorite Sydney bars and green spots.

It’s working out well with Briit, as she does her sightseeing thing while I’m at work, and when I get out we meet up with friends so she can have a bit of a locals experience. I think she is enjoying it – I forget how mind boggled you are by the attractiveness of Australian men when you first see a room full of them.

Briit and me, circa 2007ish

This is us back in college, when we lived together. The original caption to the picture on Facebook says, “roomate, this is why we wake up the way we do.” I’ll post more pictures of her trip at a later time – she is in charge of the camera, I’m just a Facebook scavenger.



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