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I spend a lot of time watching Law & Order SVU. Like, a LOT.

Incidentally, I  spend a lot of time worrying about what will happen when I see every episode in existence of Law & Order SVU. I know there are like a million episodes, but at the rate I consume them, this won’t last forever. It’s very sad and scary for me, a lot of EMOTIONS happening.

Also concerned that I will finish watching all the eps and I will never get to see Olivia and Elliot make out which is important to me. I have a lot invested in this.

Elliot: Olivia, wow. You look fantastic today.

Olivia: I know, I look hot everyday. I can do pretty much anything with my hair and sill look fabulous. You look  pretty good today yourself. That tie is very masculine yet sensitive yet gruff yet heart of gold.

Elliot: Let’s M.O.

Olivia: We can’t! You’re a married man.

Elliot: I know, but I’m really not that into my wife. You see how I always look annoyed when I talk about her. I have this whole virgin/whore complex going on with her – she’s the mother of my children, but I just can’t CONNECT with her the way I do with you.

Olivia: Ok, I understand. It’s true that I am WAY better looking.

(have sex, Olivia smokes a cigarette in bed afterwards like a badass)



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Is it totally creepy that I love looking at photographs of abandoned stuff?

power plant



swimming pool





home for coloured boys, west virginia

home for coloured boys, west virginia

If you’re creepy like me, have a ball:

That’s just a few… there are loads. I like the ones that have stories to them.

I hope I don’t have no friends now that I’ve shared my secret shame – jayyyy kayyy I look up WAY more disturbing stuff than this. If anyone checked out my browser history, I would def look like a serial killer.

Crime library, anyone?


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Courtesy of Passion About Design who just put in a showroom around the corner from my home. That’s like building a casino next to gambling addict.

It’s something about the black/green yellow/blue combinations that I love.

Here, have a song.

They kinda like an Australian Vampy Weekend.


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I haven’t been writing, I know. Whatever. I don’t have anything cool to say.

I’m pretty sure it’s not a big deal because a freak snow storm disabled the power in the Northeastern US, thus cutting me off from my core readership (hi mom!).

Here are the top exciting things that happened over the last two weeks:

1) I went to Culburra on the  South Coast for a weekend away with Nick’s family which was amazing.


lara schmitt


Drive through booze.

The population of Culburra is 3500 - to put this in perspective, the population of Hampden is 5100. Does that stop them from having a drive through liquor store in the center of town? I love Australia.

2) I developed an obsession with Prezi and made my first presentation for the Funk Up Your Head 2012 comp. I have a deep-rooted hatred for Power Point, and now I will quite happily never use it again. Actually, corporate imposter confessions, until this year when I had to make one for my boss I successfully avoided ever using it despite it being shoved down my throat at every juncture of my education.

3)  Discovered a bad ass marinade recipe that I love. Here you go, you’re welcome:

Asian Beef Skewers

3 tablespoons hoisin sauce
3 tablespoons sherry
1/4 cup soy sauce
1 teaspoon barbecue sauce
2 green onions, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 tablespoon minced fresh ginger root
1 1/2 pounds flank steak

4)  Found out Shiraz causes bronchitis. True science fact. My filthy cough is proof.


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$49 bday/xmas wish list #1 HINT HINT HINT

Why why why does Sephora not ship to Australia?!

Like a pokey addicted minimum wager I would dutifully deposit my weekly paycheck to them in exchange for shiny trinkets.

You can buy it for me here.


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Navajo Feather Extensions

Navajo Feather Extensions

Massive fan of Navajo Feather Hair Extensions. Have an entire pack in right now, loving it.


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Things that please me on a Monday afternoon:

1. Foo Fighters vs. Westborough Baptist Church

The crazies from Westborough Baptist Church (famous for hateful protests at the funerals for gay soldiers) decided to protest the Foo Fighters concert in Kansas City. They dressed up as hillbillies and gave the protestors an impromtu concert about “man muffins.” Fantastic.  Can read the HuffPost article here.

2. Emily Ann Interiors Blog

Stumbled across this home design blog – it’s a combination of DIY projects and a scrapbook of ideas. It makes me so happy, but also so sad because I am not crafty and am too poor to buy crafty. Check her out.

3. CSS, Hits Me Like a Rock

No video, but good song.


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Just discovered the Rolling Stone online archives and spent an afternoon reading random articles. There was one on “scene queen” Kiki Kannibal that I couldn’t get out of my brain afterwards, so twisted.

You can read it here.


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