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Video courtesy of Mister A Fuchs…


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Little British girl is a BOSS.


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Things that please me on a Monday afternoon:

1. Foo Fighters vs. Westborough Baptist Church

The crazies from Westborough Baptist Church (famous for hateful protests at the funerals for gay soldiers) decided to protest the Foo Fighters concert in Kansas City. They dressed up as hillbillies and gave the protestors an impromtu concert about “man muffins.” Fantastic.  Can read the HuffPost article here.

2. Emily Ann Interiors Blog

Stumbled across this home design blog – it’s a combination of DIY projects and a scrapbook of ideas. It makes me so happy, but also so sad because I am not crafty and am too poor to buy crafty. Check her out.

3. CSS, Hits Me Like a Rock

No video, but good song.


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Recreating my college Aderal experiences with excessive espresso and this track on repeat. I CAN TYPE SO FAST, YALL’Z.


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Don’t care that Carles shit on it, I like this track.

Also, I don’t know what a “Sonic” slushie is, but I’m pretty sure I’d be into pouring vodka into it.


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thick eyebrows

Or, more accurately, in my own case:

faux thick eyebrows with this awesome Anastasia brow pencil

Din Tai Fung Dumpling Bar

finished yesterday, STRAIGHT into my top ten.

Foster the People, Call it What You Want


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It’s been warm the last few days.  Cue my Summer fantasies and accompanying fantasy soundtrack.

Heard an interview over the weekend, with these guys back stage at Splendour. They sounded about 12. And also, hopelessly, awkwardly stoned. Had to Google them to see what they looked like: tick, confirmed.

I’ll stop being so judgmental when I stop being so gotdamned RIGHT.