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Yesterday after months of labour (Karen) and confusion (me) the new site we have build for Pivot Point Academies is up and running.

Check her out here.

I feel pretty proud of us, if I do say so myself.

Oh! And if you notice a spelling error or broken link… you can keep that shit to yourself, ya heard?


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Looks like all those years of  harassing me to be an altar girl finally paid off: I must have picked up some kind of spirituality via osmosis because Lara and Andy have asked me to be the celebrant at their wedding.


In all seriousness, I couldn’t be more thrilled slash honoured. I love Lara and Andy very dearly and feel so lucky to celebrate their day with them – oooooo I get so happy just thinking about it.

I am going to rechannel all my shopping/nerding/drinking energy into researching a ceremony that will do them justice.  I’ve started obsessively wedding watching ceremonies on YouTube. MORE than usual.

Andy’s going to look so pretty.


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I’m too sad to write because I had to get my tooth pulled and now I have a hole in my head, and consequently, my pocket.


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“Rather than allow unmarried people or same-sex couples to adopt or foster children, Catholic Charities of Rockford, Illinois announced Thursday that they would stop providing fostercare services.”

"Well, THAT was stupid."

Check out the whole article on Huffington Post.


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These last two days have been – no kidding – the hottest days I can ever remember. Ever. I’ve had to abandon walking across the street from my office to get a delicious, ice-cold Diet Coke from the shop (best part of my morning).
Walking outside is like stepping into a microwave. I feel like an ant. You expect to look up and see a giant child hovering over you with a magnifying glass. It’s that bad.
Yesterday I worked both jobs and got home around 1am. And I couldn’t sleep. This is a list of all the forces that have combined to deprive me of sleep last night.

  • The weather….92 degrees at 3am….dead still
  • Mosquitos that whine into my ears JUST as I am about to drift off forcing me to tear apart my bedroom hunting them in the crazed manner of a meth head with a misplaced stash
  • My boyfriend that is releasing rum from his pores and a jackhammer-like snore from his mouth as a result from going out drinking

At one point I was sitting straight up in bed clutching a pillow in shaking hands and leaning over his face. Not lying. This is what I look like today.

Mole Girl, cubicle three


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