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Week # 2 Lara and Andy’s wedding on Martha’s Vineyard…. amazing.

Feel very lucky that I got to be there the first time around, but feel even luckier about being a part of their wedding this time around. Was really beautiful to hear them say their vows surrounded by all their family and friends – plus, the party was ridic.

… Or, should I say, parties: this shit was a four day affair on the Vineyard, complete with hay ride, bonfire, burgers on the grill and beers on the beach. The four days was so good, because everyone got to know everyone. When the weekend ended, it was SAD. It felt like leaving summer camp (for really friendly alcoholics).  I need them to get started planning their vow renewal, STAT.

PS. The ceremony aspect of it went relatively smoothly (except when I lost my place in the notecards and had to flip through them 27 times.)  Pro tip: 4 Valiums makes you a superhero.


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I had a moment of clarity this weekend; as I heard the words, “Excuse me, do you have a condom?” come out of Lara Fuller’s mouth on Saturday, I knew my life was significantly closer to fulfillment.

You see, this Saturday was Lara Fuller’s Hens’ celebration in Sydney… Or as my sister and I were referring to it (because of Lara’s characteristically demure/tasteful behaviour), “The Lara Fuller Cotillion.”

Oh, how five consecutive shots of tequila enhance one’s wild side. In 7 or so years of knowing Lara Fuller, I can probably count the number of inappropriate things she’s said on one hand. She is averaging less than ONE OFF COLOUR COMMENT PER YEAR, people. She doesn’t even wear inappropriately cut clothing – not even loud colours!  So you SEE what we are dealing with here, and can thus understand how thrilling it is to get her totally drunk and force her to do embarrassing things.

Fuller & I on our way to the party – please note the sweater that was her outfit choice for her bachelorette party

We had lunch at 4Fourteen in Surry Hills which was is a beautiful space, and the food is also very good. From there, we laid out a trail of tabasco laced tequila shots to lure Fuller through Surry Hills on a pub crawl, and she happily complied.

Lara held up admirably well, everyone seemed to have a ball and we finished up the night dancing – I’d say it was a success… Now onto Part II: Boston.


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Went to Copacabana last weekend. Living the life, you know?

Anyways, worst trip ever.

It was ugly and horrible:

The food was disgusting:

My friends are  fug:


Do you see what I did there? Do you?


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This past week we had Thursday off for Australia Day. In past years I’ve worked behind the bar, or had a barbecue – opted for anything really, rather than cram myself into a pub with a million sloppy drunk people.  I don’t have any objections to getting sloppy drunk in a bar (see: hobbies)  but I prefer my personal space while I do it.

So Fuller and Andy and I opted to get out of town for the night. We headed down to Berry on the South Coast of Sydney  because I read this article about the best little known beaches in New South Wales and became obsessed with going to 7 mile beach. Berry is this adorable little town with all old timey stuff, Ye Olde Cuckoo Clock Shoppe, etc. It’s very cute and you would probably kill yourself if you lived there.

We stayed above the pub at the Berry Hotel which was cheap and right in the centre of town. When we got there at 9pm on Friday night, everything looked pretty sleepy and quiet. We ate at the Hungry Duck – food was beautiful and the waitress was amazing (not JUST because she let us buy an extra bottle of wine to sneak into our purse for takeaway).  We went back to the hotel room and drank red wine out of teacups and played this card game Wizard until 2am which is like hearts but more fun. Or it WOULD have been more fun if Lara Fuller didn’t cheat so hard.

The next morning we wanted to go for a hike, and Fuller had found this one in Kangaroo Valley, about 40 mins away. She said it was medium – hard and promised rainforest and waterfalls. Which there were:

silly american

But there were also leeches.

We’re like an hour into this really strenous hike. Like seriously, sliding down hills on our bums, hanging onto tarzan vines, no trail. And we get to this pretty waterfall and I’m snapping away on my camera and I look down and see something on my leg and brush it off and IT STICKS. And Andy has to rip a leech off me while I scream.

Which I could have recovered from IF THERE WEREN’T FIVE MORE ON ME.

I basically had a panic attack and aborted our hike, and I didn’t stop freaking out until I finally went in the ocean. I am still thinking about if there may be one deep in my ear having babies.

Here is a convo between Lara and I on gchat today:

me:  oh my gah.trying to google image leeches to show what i mean in my blog bost. freaking out. think i have PTSD

Lara:  haha, leave out leech images – i think that may be best

me:  yeah i had to stop
but if you really want to fuck up your day
google image “leech”
Lara:  nah, totally not going to do that – pretty sure the imagery would make me very unhappy
i did have to google PTSD


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Looks like all those years of  harassing me to be an altar girl finally paid off: I must have picked up some kind of spirituality via osmosis because Lara and Andy have asked me to be the celebrant at their wedding.


In all seriousness, I couldn’t be more thrilled slash honoured. I love Lara and Andy very dearly and feel so lucky to celebrate their day with them – oooooo I get so happy just thinking about it.

I am going to rechannel all my shopping/nerding/drinking energy into researching a ceremony that will do them justice.  I’ve started obsessively wedding watching ceremonies on YouTube. MORE than usual.

Andy’s going to look so pretty.


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…everyone in my office can’t tell I’m obsessed with coming home by the way I bang on about it incessantly…. I’ve put up some desk decorations as reminders.


I leave them next to my monitor and then when anyone asks me to do anything I let my eyes glaze over and then slowly move to my calendars. Subtle, no?

Fuller said that downloading the team logos really gave it that special OCD touch. Whut-evah Fuller, you don’t know me.


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Allie landed on Thursday and ever since it’s been a whirlwind of marathon days, sauv blanc, and lost iphones (sniffle). After staying out until 5 am on Allie’s first night here, and then giving it another good nudge the following night – we decided a mini trip to blue mountains wouldn’t lead us astray. I mean, there’s only like one bar there, how much trouble could we get into?

We got up there just after lunch, and where the weather in Sydney was sunny and mild, the weather in the Blue Mountains was intense fog and drizzle. We decided to layer up and take on a three hour hiking trail, which was well worth it. You forget how much you are dying for a bit of greenery until you get out of the city.

Allie D, Wentworth Falls Walking Trail

Fuller took the below pics on her phone. I know the Hipstamatic app isn’t new, but I still can’t get over how clever it is, and how I love it so.

After the hike we checked in at our motel, The 3 Explorers, adorable (bunk beds!) and very clean. We drank tea and warmed up before heading into Katoomba center, to The Old City Bank Bar and Brasserie, which I think we all loved. We got a bottle of red and sat in the corner playing rummy and cackling at each other. There’s something nice about spending a late afternoon in a pub, all warm  and cozy, watching it get dark outside and not needing to be anywhere.


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