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These last two days have been – no kidding – the hottest days I can ever remember. Ever. I’ve had to abandon walking across the street from my office to get a delicious, ice-cold Diet Coke from the shop (best part of my morning).
Walking outside is like stepping into a microwave. I feel like an ant. You expect to look up and see a giant child hovering over you with a magnifying glass. It’s that bad.
Yesterday I worked both jobs and got home around 1am. And I couldn’t sleep. This is a list of all the forces that have combined to deprive me of sleep last night.

  • The weather….92 degrees at 3am….dead still
  • Mosquitos that whine into my ears JUST as I am about to drift off forcing me to tear apart my bedroom hunting them in the crazed manner of a meth head with a misplaced stash
  • My boyfriend that is releasing rum from his pores and a jackhammer-like snore from his mouth as a result from going out drinking

At one point I was sitting straight up in bed clutching a pillow in shaking hands and leaning over his face. Not lying. This is what I look like today.

Mole Girl, cubicle three


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