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Do you think this is funny? I definitely think it’s funny.

looking at a sweater

looking at a cucumber

looking at rice

From the blog kim jong-il looking at things – hilarious.



I like to get to my desk a little early in the am so I can browse celebrity gossip sites news and have a coffee before I get to work. Today I cried reading the news twice (which is embarrassing, but not surprising).

Once cause I was sad:

A slideshow on  Huffington Post of messages from Wall Street Protest supporters.

Messages from people are a mixture of hopeless, frustrated, humble but all pretty tough to read.

And then once cause I was happy:

A Texas high school voted a classmate with Down;s Syndrome as their homecoming queen. You can watch the video here. The Dad’s reaction kills me.


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There was an article on today about a  pastor who reprimanded a mother who was a church member over a blog post she wrote called, “My Son Is Gay.”

The mom had allowed her five year old son to dress as a female cartoon character for Halloween, and caught a lot of shit from other moms. The blog post is her response to them defending her actions.

Anyways, the article was boring, but her original blog post was pretty awesome – read it here.

PS. She’s married to a cop!

The writer's son in his costume



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