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Happy New Year, sorry for not posting, my bad, etc.

Nick didn’t buy me a puppy for Christmas.

It’s lucky that I am both a talented problem solver and an understanding girlfriend.

The obvious solution is I start making plans to become the proud owner of  a hairless cat.

This could go one of two ways:

1) I get a hairless cat – yay!

2) Nick realizes I’m serious as cancer about this hairless cat thing and  gets me a puppy – yay!

Its win-win, really.

At first I was doing it just to aggravate Nick. But you guys, I’m seriously into it now – I mean, how cute are they, forrealz? I’m into the gray ones. Plus they sleep under the covers with you – that makes my heart swell with cat lady joy.

Visit: I swear you’ll be converted.

I have been looking online and I wanted to go visit this breeder with kittens last week, but it was too far. I’ll keep you posted. NICK IF YOU ARE READING THIS I AM DEAD SERIOUS.



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