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Things that please me on a Monday afternoon:

1. Foo Fighters vs. Westborough Baptist Church

The crazies from Westborough Baptist Church (famous for hateful protests at the funerals for gay soldiers) decided to protest the Foo Fighters concert in Kansas City. They dressed up as hillbillies and gave the protestors an impromtu concert about “man muffins.” Fantastic.  Can read the HuffPost article here.

2. Emily Ann Interiors Blog

Stumbled across this home design blog – it’s a combination of DIY projects and a scrapbook of ideas. It makes me so happy, but also so sad because I am not crafty and am too poor to buy crafty. Check her out.

3. CSS, Hits Me Like a Rock

No video, but good song.


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Finally got the lounge at Nick’s place.

Photo isn’t good quality, but is meant to show the scale between this lounge and humans that are 5’10”.


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A couple months back, Lara Fuller invited a few of us to an “Affordable Art Exhibition” at Fox Studios.  Really great event, lots of cool pieces in so many different mediums. My only qualm was with their liberal use of the word “affordable”  which shocked/shamed me.

There was one display I clearly remember because

a) I liked it and

b) it was made even more appealing by the fact that it housed one of the five items in the place that I could approach without being scared I’d break it and have to wash every dish to pass through the convention center for the rest of my life .

It’s a photography gallery called Aquabumps, and it’s all beach-related photography.

Nick’s house needs something big and colourful in the lounge room, and so I started to browse. Some favorites below:


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Alex has been gone since the first week of December, and I’m over it. Gallivanting all over Europe, while I sit here and melt.
The house smells of whatever it is that is rotting in the fridge, the plants are dead, the liquor cabinet is empty. My hair is a hot mess. (See: Ranga)
Teach him to leave me unsupervised.
Here is us in happier times, when my hair and home were significantly less feral.

He is due home sometime today, meaning I probs won’t see him until this weekend as he will be with his man and won’t resurface from domestic bliss until Nathan’s Thursday night late shift.

Speaking of domestic bliss, I whipped up a mean faux canape spread on Australia day. I say faux because not a one involved the oven : prosciutto wrapped figs, bocconcini with tomato, basil, black olives and pesto, roast beef crostini with wasabi sour cream and arugula, goat’s cheese devilled eggs, and frozen white chocolate mousse with fresh berries.
I’m pretty confident I fooled everyone into thinking I knew what I was doing, when realistically I had googled “easy party recipes” and spent the morning wandering the grocery store asking the clerks what eschalots were and if one could just melt chocolate in the microwave?

So Australia day was passed happily, celebrated in the manner of every other Australian holiday: in the company of friends, swimming, drinking, barbecuing. Life is tough, eh?


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