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this makes me giggle.


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So I’m not exactly a Farmer’s Market type of person. I know it’s very fashionable at the moment – and so acceptable that saying I’m NOT into them borders on un-PC, but there it is. I’m not really into knowing where my food comes from – I prefer to think my meat was born in that little styrofoam tray, individually served, sanitized,  and ready for me to nom. (That’s a lie! I don’t even like seeing it in tray).


I went to Eveleigh Markets this past Saturday. And they had BAGELS.

Americans in America reading this are all like, “meh, whatevs, bagels” but any American in Australia shares my pain of the absence of bagels. And these are DELICIOUS bagels, they are no faux imposters.

So, besides the bagels, there are lots of other wonderful things. homemade olive oils in dozens of flavours, food stands from well-known Sydney chefs, Masterchef contestants (although not the surfer one, so srsly, who cares), flower stalls.

I did notice at the markets that I was woefully out of place, not having a dog nor a baby nor Toms.

Noted. Next time I’ll make sure to steal borrow a child.

Hayden, stop FOLLOWING me. I have a boyfriend, God.

PS. I ate five bagels in the last three days.


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The other night Nick and I went to dinner at Otto, an upscale place on the finger wharves in Wooloomooloo. We went with Mike, one of the managers at Nick’s pub, and his wife Chantal.  We were looking forward to it, as it isn’t normally a place we could afford to just pop into on a random weekday evening; Nick had gotten a gift certificate from one of the wine reps.

The food itself wasn’t amaaaaaaazing. I had pan-seared scallops to start and rabbit fettucini as my main, and while they were nice they weren’t as memorable as I had anticipated. However, the view and the company were pretty fantastic, so overall it was a lovely night. We sat out on the boardwalk and took our time through the two courses, wine, dessert wine, and a shared dessert that was excessive. It was called ‘extravaganza dessert platter,’ and it was absurd.

We stopped at a new place in Taylor Square, the Hunky Dory Social Club. Also decent. It’s a cool space, but was nearly dead on a Wednesday night.  Sydneysiders seem to lay pretty low during the week in terms of bars, I have yet to see a little one be packed on a weekday past 7pm. But yeah, I’m fairly sure none of the four of us were cool enough to be there. Except maybe Mike, he gets artist credit, not like the rest of us indiscriminate barflies.

His website is here, and some of his paintings are below. The online images don’t do it justice, in real life they are pretty astounding.


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