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Three weeks at home went by very, very fast.

I’ll give you a breakdown, accompanied by pics whenever possible.

Week 1 I was there on my own, as Nick could only come for two weeks. We agreed in advance that I would do wedding things during that week so that he could just relax when he got here. Doesn’t that sound so nice of me? Real talk, it was fab because I got to just do what I was going to do without having to pretend like I was considering Nick’s input on things. (Aside: a few months ago I mentioned to someone I’m doing dahlias as flowers – Nick goes to me, dead serious, “Dahlias? Are you sure? I don’t know.” I’m like…. um, are YOU sure? That THIS is what you want to get into it over? The flowers? Don’t peak too early, my friend.)

So, over the span of three days, my mom and I had a Western Mass bridal extravaganza. Dress, tent, tables, chairs, linens, lighting, catering staff, menu, bar, dance floor, portable toilets, florist, centrepieces, favors, SORTED. I might punch myself in the face later for saying this, but this planning a wedding stuff is a breeze. I mean, all you do is pick the what you like – and then buy the closest thing to it that you can afford. People (I) only care about food, booze and dancing. The rest of it is just bonus material.

meow if you agree

Also, I spent a lot of time lying in the grass in the sun in my backyard which is my #1, all-time favoritest thing to do. How could it not be, look how pretty their yard is!

After we banged out the wedding plans, I took the train down to Philly to visit my niece, Lola. BEHOLD THIS HAIR:

I just…. stop. She’s too cute! Just stop.


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Let’s see, top 5 in big news from me these days…

1) Hair Expo 2012

I’ve written before about Hair Expo, the Australian hairdressers’ national pilgrimage to Sydney’s Convention Centre, for all things sparkly and loud. Last weekend, as we do every year, my company went full throttle with two live demo workshops, two main stage performances, a stand in the Expo hall, and a runway show to open up the Sunday Night Gala (seriously, every night is a “gala”… hairdressers.)

It’s always entertaining, but this was especially fun. I got some good pics, and the students show was truly spectacular – very profesh, if I do say so myself.

And in case it’s not clear from above, yes I am THE most annoying person backstage.

2)  New Music

Obsessed with this song, heard it once and instantly loved:

3) Balmain – the suburb, not the brand (okay, I like the brand, too)

I can keep dreaming, though. One of those adorable cottages retails for about the same amount as my hometown.

4) Engagement Party

Nick and I had our engagement party with Sydney friends a few weeks back. I do feel that the resulting hangover is a legitimate excuse for my month long absence. It was an amazing time, but it took some serious work to recover from that.

To give you an idea: at 6am on the day following our party, you could find me, Nick, Lara Fuller, Alex and his partner Nathan dancing to Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” on repeat in Alex’s living room, drinking champagne straight from the bottle. So.

Anyways, we looked classy earlier on, no? We are MASTERS OF DISGUISE.

The Swiss ❤

The sisters

The Fullers!

The Beaths

The people who don’t understand when it’s time for the party to end

We really did have such a blast, and it was so amazing to have everyone there celebrating with us. Considering breaking up and get re-engaged, just to have another party like that.

5) Akita puppies

I don’t need a reason for this.


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The other day Valentine and Piper came over to hang out with me and we had a wee photo shoot. We have one of those Tivo things that records programs at home, and so I stockpile Scoopy Doo eps for when they come over to ensure they love me back.

Also, Dad:  please note above evidence that eating on couch ban is not limited to you.


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Notes on this year’s xmas-

1) I have finished all of my xmas shopping b/c I’m obsessive – let’s be real, I was finished in November. Now I gotta eat crackers with peanut butter for all of December to finance it.

2) I am getting used to people saying “Happy Christmas” instead of “Merry Christmas” which used to make me twitch.

3) This is third xmas down here, and the first time I got a tree!

It’s fake, two feet tall and it’s ornaments are ghetto – but I don’t care because….

it’s hot outside! After I put up my crappy tree I went for a swim (ie put my feet in the pool, getting your hair wet is for fools).

4) This is also the first year Karen and Rob will be in town for xmas, which means I get to see these guys:

Sir Valentine

Miss Piper

5) Lastly, I’m pretty sure Nick’s getting me a dog for xmas. I can FEEL it.



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Yesterday after months of labour (Karen) and confusion (me) the new site we have build for Pivot Point Academies is up and running.

Check her out here.

I feel pretty proud of us, if I do say so myself.

Oh! And if you notice a spelling error or broken link… you can keep that shit to yourself, ya heard?


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