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Courtesy of Passion About Design who just put in a showroom around the corner from my home. That’s like building a casino next to gambling addict.

It’s something about the black/green yellow/blue combinations that I love.

Here, have a song.

They kinda like an Australian Vampy Weekend.


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Things that please me on a Monday afternoon:

1. Foo Fighters vs. Westborough Baptist Church

The crazies from Westborough Baptist Church (famous for hateful protests at the funerals for gay soldiers) decided to protest the Foo Fighters concert in Kansas City. They dressed up as hillbillies and gave the protestors an impromtu concert about “man muffins.” Fantastic.¬† Can read the HuffPost article here.

2. Emily Ann Interiors Blog

Stumbled across this home design blog – it’s a combination of DIY projects and a scrapbook of ideas. It makes me so happy, but also so sad because I am not crafty and am too poor to buy crafty. Check her out.

3. CSS, Hits Me Like a Rock

No video, but good song.


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One of my favorite current projects is a mannequin competition we’ve designed for the academy students, called Funk Up Your Head.

Basically, students visit the competition website to register and purchase a mannequin head, and then they have a blank slate to do whatever they want to it.

They submit their entries to the Funk Up Your Head Facebook page, and judges pick the winners based on the photographs of their work.

We were lucky enough to get some judges that are quite a big deal in the Australian hairdressing industry, and even they were impressed by the creativity and design that came out of this contest.

See some of the students’ work below.

Impressive, no?


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One of the biggest projects for my company this year was rolling out a large-scale education calendar across two cities.

We piloted it successfully last year, and so launched it in full force this January. The calendar is made up of advanced or creative hairdressing and session styling classes, aimed at senior hairdressers looking to expand and/or polish their skill sets.

The main challenge was getting it out to our target audience, as it’s pretty specific. We ended up teaming up with INSTYLE magazine, one of the largest hairdressing publications in Australia – they mail directly to their salon subscribers, of which there are nearly 9,000 in Melbourne and Sydney alone.

This month was a special feature issue¬† on education, and so we worked out that we would take the back page of the issue and adhere our short course guide to it in a mini booklet. It showed up in our mail yesterday, and I’m pretty stoked about it – Karen did the design work, and it’s pretty badass:

Front and back covers, white bit is actually a 32 page course booklet

Also, they included an article I submitted about our program inside:

Inside issue

I’m pretty happy with it – I learned a lot preparing this project, I got to work a lot with Karen too, plus it came off without any major issues and that’s always a good feeling.


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