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Briitni send me a Facebook message yesterday, this is how it read:

last night: some guy told me to “go fuck myself” over the bar. referring to his unpaid tab. i was unhappy.

tonight: i applied for an australian work holiday visa. happy!

I never thought I would find myself pleased with a striped shirt wearing, redbull vodka swilling moron…but I want to give this man a hug. He’s bringing Briitni back!

Briitni, Allie, Fuller, Schmitt

A cartoon Briitni sent me the other day, that I nearly peed my pants over. Clever, clever.


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Okay, I’ll stop after this batch, I swear.

….Unless Fuller sends more my way. I can’t help myself!

Now, I’m not a camera kind of person.

I’m more of a leave the camera in the back of the taxi/at the bar/in the bottom of my closet type of person.

But Briitni’s camera gave me my first experience of camera-envy.  No lie, I’m looking up Nikons on eBay. What? I think it would look nice on the floor next to my bedside table.


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So for the past few days, Briitni, a friend from college has been in town.  It is really, REALLY exciting to get visitors here, as it doesn’t happen too often. I get to see a familiar face, and help them explore the city. Which basically means giving them a laundry list of my favorite Sydney bars and green spots.

It’s working out well with Briit, as she does her sightseeing thing while I’m at work, and when I get out we meet up with friends so she can have a bit of a locals experience. I think she is enjoying it – I forget how mind boggled you are by the attractiveness of Australian men when you first see a room full of them.

Briit and me, circa 2007ish

This is us back in college, when we lived together. The original caption to the picture on Facebook says, “roomate, this is why we wake up the way we do.” I’ll post more pictures of her trip at a later time – she is in charge of the camera, I’m just a Facebook scavenger.



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