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Here are some of Allie D’s pics from the Blue Mountains. If I didn’t express clearly how disgustingly hungover and innapropriately dressed we were, these should get the message across.

high altitude, high fashion.


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Allie landed on Thursday and ever since it’s been a whirlwind of marathon days, sauv blanc, and lost iphones (sniffle). After staying out until 5 am on Allie’s first night here, and then giving it another good nudge the following night – we decided a mini trip to blue mountains wouldn’t lead us astray. I mean, there’s only like one bar there, how much trouble could we get into?

We got up there just after lunch, and where the weather in Sydney was sunny and mild, the weather in the Blue Mountains was intense fog and drizzle. We decided to layer up and take on a three hour hiking trail, which was well worth it. You forget how much you are dying for a bit of greenery until you get out of the city.

Allie D, Wentworth Falls Walking Trail

Fuller took the below pics on her phone. I know the Hipstamatic app isn’t new, but I still can’t get over how clever it is, and how I love it so.

After the hike we checked in at our motel, The 3 Explorers, adorable (bunk beds!) and very clean. We drank tea and warmed up before heading into Katoomba center, to The Old City Bank Bar and Brasserie, which I think we all loved. We got a bottle of red and sat in the corner playing rummy and cackling at each other. There’s something nice about spending a late afternoon in a pub, all warm  and cozy, watching it get dark outside and not needing to be anywhere.


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