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…. there have been a few changes.

1) On August 31, Nick and I got married in my parents’ backyard in Hampden. It was pretty much the best ever. I’ll do a whole post on it another day, because I wouldn’t want to deny you guys the crafting bonanza that was our wedding day. Plus, we looked super good:


2) We adopted a baby. Her name is Biggie Smalls.


This is back when we got her in April when she was only a little baby. She’s bigger (well, rounder) now. I’m 100% obsessed with her – and if you’re not, than I’m really not sure we have anything to talk about.

3) I got a fringe! The last time I had a fringe I was four and it was for school picture day at preschool and my mom cut it into a downward facing point. NO AMOUNT OF VELVET DRESSES WITH LACE COLLARS COULD SAVE THAT PICTURE DAY! (She tried).


4) I’ve switched job roles and am now looking after Bauhaus Hair, a salon that is part of the group… thus the excellent, non-pointy fringe.


Yep, big changes. Plus I’m madly scheming to make over our house one room at time. Once the wedding was over I found myself without a PROJECT, and I can’t have that. It’s either renovate or get knocked up, and babies are sticky.

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This Sunday, Nick and I drove over to Bondi and checked out the Sculpture by the Sea coastal walk. We missed it last year and were determined not to do it again.  It was crowded during the afternoon, but really beautiful and open around 7 when we walked back to our car at Tamarama.

My favourite was the windmill stick-thingys with feathers on them (third from last). Nick’s favourite was the giant decapitated baby head.


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Yep, forrealz. Nick proposed and I said yes – how lucky am I?

This is how it happened:

When we were in Port Douglas with my parents, we got stuck in Cairns for an extra night before flying out, due to torrential rainfall. So, we checked into a hotel and found our way to a pub with a deck of cards, and got comfortable.

My parents had lunch with us and then left to wander around Cairns, but Nick and I parked ourselves and started playing rummy (yeah I know, we’re old.) Mom and Dad came back later, we had dinner and all sat around chatting. At some point in there, Nick asked my Dad’s permission, and my Dad said yes. Then Nick turned to me and asked me – much to all of our surprise – and I said yes, too! Then we had champagne!


I mean seriously – could Nick and I have done it any other way?

So, we are tying the knot August 31, 2013. Can’t wait.


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Last weekend (two weekends ago? I don’t know, time flies when you have a drinking problem) I went with my parents and Nick to the Great Barrier Reef.

It was an amazing time, for several reasons:

1) It is always wonderful to see my parents, especially when they come visit me in Australia. Plus they are expert travelers. They are good planners – and I’m good at being told what to do and where to go, so it works out.

2) Port Douglas is a great little city (city is being generous), with fab restaurants and bars.

3) We stayed at the Thala Beach Lodge, which was stunning.

4) The Great Barrier Reef was everything I had hoped it would be. I’m terrified of snorkeling and I suspected that they doctor up all the reef pics to make it look insane – but no, it is that insane. And it turns out I’m like a pro snorkeler when I have a noodle. Behold:

More pics to come, WordPress messing with me and won’t let me show any more in this post.

SPOILER ALERT. There is one other very big reason I loved our time in Port Douglas, but I’m not going to tell just yet.


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Went to Copacabana last weekend. Living the life, you know?

Anyways, worst trip ever.

It was ugly and horrible:

The food was disgusting:

My friends are  fug:


Do you see what I did there? Do you?


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Notes on this year’s xmas-

1) I have finished all of my xmas shopping b/c I’m obsessive – let’s be real, I was finished in November. Now I gotta eat crackers with peanut butter for all of December to finance it.

2) I am getting used to people saying “Happy Christmas” instead of “Merry Christmas” which used to make me twitch.

3) This is third xmas down here, and the first time I got a tree!

It’s fake, two feet tall and it’s ornaments are ghetto – but I don’t care because….

it’s hot outside! After I put up my crappy tree I went for a swim (ie put my feet in the pool, getting your hair wet is for fools).

4) This is also the first year Karen and Rob will be in town for xmas, which means I get to see these guys:

Sir Valentine

Miss Piper

5) Lastly, I’m pretty sure Nick’s getting me a dog for xmas. I can FEEL it.



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I gave Nick a hard time about my birthday this year. I wouldn’t give him hints as to what I wanted, but told him to choose gifts carefully as i was going to take them as a direct reflection of how “well he knew me, and therefore, loved me.” I was just messing with him, hahhhh, so funnay. But look how well he did!

tom binns amo ring

I know - a dress, risky , right?

but look, so cute!

He also got me a baby frangipani , which is the most beautiful tree – I don’t think we have them in the US. It’s my favorite, and it’s flowers smell amazing.

flower close up

What my tree will one day look like if I don't kill it first.

Well played, Nick. Now don’t mess it up at Christmas. Jay kay, jay kay.


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