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The only redeeming thing about colder weather? Cardis, boots, leggings, layers, scarves.

New ones:



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I gave Nick a hard time about my birthday this year. I wouldn’t give him hints as to what I wanted, but told him to choose gifts carefully as i was going to take them as a direct reflection of how “well he knew me, and therefore, loved me.” I was just messing with him, hahhhh, so funnay. But look how well he did!

tom binns amo ring

I know - a dress, risky , right?

but look, so cute!

He also got me a baby frangipani , which is the most beautiful tree – I don’t think we have them in the US. It’s my favorite, and it’s flowers smell amazing.

flower close up

What my tree will one day look like if I don't kill it first.

Well played, Nick. Now don’t mess it up at Christmas. Jay kay, jay kay.


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$49 bday/xmas wish list #1 HINT HINT HINT

Why why why does Sephora not ship to Australia?!

Like a pokey addicted minimum wager I would dutifully deposit my weekly paycheck to them in exchange for shiny trinkets.

You can buy it for me here.


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One nice day and I’m at the shops, blowing my paycheck.

It’s been rainy and cold every day since then.

Guarantee lesson is not learned.

Steve Madden Serenite sandalsSeduce Afrique Chic Maxi DressAldo Cartin sandalsStussy Refinery Logo Tee

Kroam Tru Tomato Cut Off Denim Shorts


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I told myself I wouldn’t buy anything until I got home (11 days!). BUT. Buying a new bag is kind of like PREPARING for a shop. And God knows I love me some organisation.



Quick break from NZ photos to point out the footwear that made my life good in the cold weather over there. Super comfy boots from Urge. Want them in every colour.



Zomp Shoes is by far my favourite shoe store in Sydney.

Nay, in the world.

Lookit this delicious nerdware that I picked up yesterday: