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The other day Valentine and Piper came over to hang out with me and we had a wee photo shoot. We have one of those Tivo things that records programs at home, and so I stockpile Scoopy Doo eps for when they come over to ensure they love me back.

Also, Dad:  please note above evidence that eating on couch ban is not limited to you.


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Happy New Year, sorry for not posting, my bad, etc.

Nick didn’t buy me a puppy for Christmas.

It’s lucky that I am both a talented problem solver and an understanding girlfriend.

The obvious solution is I start making plans to become the proud owner of  a hairless cat.

This could go one of two ways:

1) I get a hairless cat – yay!

2) Nick realizes I’m serious as cancer about this hairless cat thing and  gets me a puppy – yay!

Its win-win, really.

At first I was doing it just to aggravate Nick. But you guys, I’m seriously into it now – I mean, how cute are they, forrealz? I’m into the gray ones. Plus they sleep under the covers with you – that makes my heart swell with cat lady joy.

Visit: I swear you’ll be converted.

I have been looking online and I wanted to go visit this breeder with kittens last week, but it was too far. I’ll keep you posted. NICK IF YOU ARE READING THIS I AM DEAD SERIOUS.



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Which means it’s summer shoe shopping time, obvi. New buys:



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I would do unspeakable things to get my hands on one of these.

Things I WILL admit to doing, without qualm,  in exchange for a micro pig:

1) administer euthanasia

2) smash a child’s jack-o-lantern

3) watch a movie featuring dinosaurs and/or outer space

4) read Bill O’Reilly’s biography

5) steal your pet and trade it

6) wear crocs

Yallz, I’m serious. I WANT a mini pig. If my denial addled bf thinks he is not coming home to one of these little treasures in the near future, he is DELUSIONAL.


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There was a lot on this past weekend… but the most exclusive event was obviously Valentine’s birthday party on Park Ave in Mosman.

Piper Vela made her scene debut in black and white

Lara Fuller holds court at a corner table

Hudson hit the bottle a little too hard

the brithday boy stumbled out at the close of the evening

Nick and Lara sparked pregnancy rumors. Don't worry mom, they're LIES.

...and a fabulous evening was had by all.

Know how I know it was a killer party? Because at nine thirty pm Karen yawned and said, “Wow, we haven’t been out in SUCH a long time!”

We were at their kitchen table with purple teeth, playing Scattegories. Oh, the glamour.

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