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Let’s see, top 5 in big news from me these days…

1) Hair Expo 2012

I’ve written before about Hair Expo, the Australian hairdressers’ national pilgrimage to Sydney’s Convention Centre, for all things sparkly and loud. Last weekend, as we do every year, my company went full throttle with two live demo workshops, two main stage performances, a stand in the Expo hall, and a runway show to open up the Sunday Night Gala (seriously, every night is a “gala”… hairdressers.)

It’s always entertaining, but this was especially fun. I got some good pics, and the students show was truly spectacular – very profesh, if I do say so myself.

And in case it’s not clear from above, yes I am THE most annoying person backstage.

2)  New Music

Obsessed with this song, heard it once and instantly loved:

3) Balmain – the suburb, not the brand (okay, I like the brand, too)

I can keep dreaming, though. One of those adorable cottages retails for about the same amount as my hometown.

4) Engagement Party

Nick and I had our engagement party with Sydney friends a few weeks back. I do feel that the resulting hangover is a legitimate excuse for my month long absence. It was an amazing time, but it took some serious work to recover from that.

To give you an idea: at 6am on the day following our party, you could find me, Nick, Lara Fuller, Alex and his partner Nathan dancing to Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” on repeat in Alex’s living room, drinking champagne straight from the bottle. So.

Anyways, we looked classy earlier on, no? We are MASTERS OF DISGUISE.

The Swiss ❤

The sisters

The Fullers!

The Beaths

The people who don’t understand when it’s time for the party to end

We really did have such a blast, and it was so amazing to have everyone there celebrating with us. Considering breaking up and get re-engaged, just to have another party like that.

5) Akita puppies

I don’t need a reason for this.


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Been giggling at my desk over this. Showed it to my co-workers and apparently I AM THE LAST PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE TO READ THIS. On the off chance that someone, somewhere is less cool than me, enjoy.


Complete set of  David vs. Simon warning here.


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Yesterday after months of labour (Karen) and confusion (me) the new site we have build for Pivot Point Academies is up and running.

Check her out here.

I feel pretty proud of us, if I do say so myself.

Oh! And if you notice a spelling error or broken link… you can keep that shit to yourself, ya heard?


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Last night I shot a runway show at the Strand Arcade as Bauhaus Hair was part of the styling team. Beautiful event – string quartet, Chambord cocktails, and you really can’t beat the Strand’s space for atmosphere. Did I mention clothes that made me want to punch a baby? I’m talking to YOU, Alannah Hill.


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The pinnacle of my career’s annual span has come and passed… Hair Expo weekend.

While gearing up for the three-day event is intense, and it’s closing is a relief – there are some things that make it all very worth it – and seeing the Pivot Point students kill it in the Next Gen show is one of them.

Next Gen is one of the events at Hair Expo that generates the most buzz – it is an opportunity for those talents deemed Australia/New Zealand’s hottest up and  comers to showcase their creativity and catch International attention. For the second year, Pivot Point students brought the house down with a show of their own design.

I was playing pretend photographer for the show, some of my favorites below:


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…everyone in my office can’t tell I’m obsessed with coming home by the way I bang on about it incessantly…. I’ve put up some desk decorations as reminders.


I leave them next to my monitor and then when anyone asks me to do anything I let my eyes glaze over and then slowly move to my calendars. Subtle, no?

Fuller said that downloading the team logos really gave it that special OCD touch. Whut-evah Fuller, you don’t know me.


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Last night was the Hair Expo Awards cocktail party at Blue in Wooloomooloo.

And, and, and…. We’re in!

Of the two categories we entered, we’ve placed as finalists in both.

Pivot Point Academy is in it for Training Organisation of the Year, while Bauhaus Hair has a chance of pulling off the 2011 Excellence in Marketing Award.

Looks like I’ll be needing to buy another new outfit for the Awards night in June…

Jay kay, jay kay.


One of my favorite current projects is a mannequin competition we’ve designed for the academy students, called Funk Up Your Head.

Basically, students visit the competition website to register and purchase a mannequin head, and then they have a blank slate to do whatever they want to it.

They submit their entries to the Funk Up Your Head Facebook page, and judges pick the winners based on the photographs of their work.

We were lucky enough to get some judges that are quite a big deal in the Australian hairdressing industry, and even they were impressed by the creativity and design that came out of this contest.

See some of the students’ work below.

Impressive, no?


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A few shots from last week’s LA BIOSTHETIQUE 2011 Autumn/Winter Trend Launch at Bauhaus Hair….

manscaping in full effect

Alex with model

team shot

Full gallery can be found at Bauhuas Hair’s Flickr page.

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Karen came over to my cubicle yesterday, with a special little treat for me:

Genetics: A gift from Dad, to Karen
Can’t hate on her though. I wake up with my underwear on inside out at least twice a week.


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