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Ok – back to our Cairns/Port Douglas trip – just found the pics on my camera, so thought it was time. Better late than nevs, no?

On our first day we landed in Cairns late morning and decided to stop at the rainforest gondola just outside of Cairns, on our way up to Port Douglas. I was a little apprehensive, as I hate heights and this is like an hour and a half ordeal, half a k off the ground..

As usual, I was right and my fears were confirmed when the little gerbil ball we were riding in creaked to a dead stop mid-ride. My mom, (who’s bright idea this activity was) got on some Days of Our Lives shit, and starts going “No. NO. NO!!” It was all very dramatic. My mom and I clung to the side of the gerbil ball like cats in a car. My Dad and Nick laughed and rocked the ball back and forth. Moving on.

Highlights included: not dying, seeing a very large spider devouring something, poking around the little village at the top, and getting some sweet content for the I Don’t Get Asians project.

Would I do it again? Perhaps. The waterfalls were intense. The trees were nice. I like trees.

I was too scared to put anything close to this for perspective - but no lie, that spiders reach was far wider than my hand's.


This pic doesn't do the situation justice... There is literally nothing behind him worth photographing, just a fence. He keeps jumping, presumably so she can get an air jump shot in the middle of the street. why.

peace sign / sunbrella combo, classic

"omigod you guys, you know what I feel like we should wear today?"


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Been giggling at my desk over this. Showed it to my co-workers and apparently I AM THE LAST PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE TO READ THIS. On the off chance that someone, somewhere is less cool than me, enjoy.


Complete set of  David vs. Simon warning here.


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Going to start a new blog of Asian tourists, doing Asian tourist-y things.

throwing gang signs

rocking facemasks

going snap happy

getting their paparazzi on

using rain umbreallas @ the beach

mobbing high end shops

But then I found this site and I felt sad that maybe someone got to it first.

BUT, upon closer reading – I think that blog is For Asians, By Asians (FABA, if you will) and is pretty PC. So that’s actually entirely unlike what I have in mind.


NOTE: I’ve been reading through that site. It’s still FABA, but it’s definitely not PC. I dunno what the hell is going on. Some posts are serious, some things cannot possibly be serious. It’s boggling my mid.  Told you I don’t get it.



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