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Monthly Archives: October 2013

…. there have been a few changes.

1) On August 31, Nick and I got married in my parents’ backyard in Hampden. It was pretty much the best ever. I’ll do a whole post on it another day, because I wouldn’t want to deny you guys the crafting bonanza that was our wedding day. Plus, we looked super good:


2) We adopted a baby. Her name is Biggie Smalls.


This is back when we got her in April when she was only a little baby. She’s bigger (well, rounder) now. I’m 100% obsessed with her – and if you’re not, than I’m really not sure we have anything to talk about.

3) I got a fringe! The last time I had a fringe I was four and it was for school picture day at preschool and my mom cut it into a downward facing point. NO AMOUNT OF VELVET DRESSES WITH LACE COLLARS COULD SAVE THAT PICTURE DAY! (She tried).


4) I’ve switched job roles and am now looking after Bauhaus Hair, a salon that is part of the group… thus the excellent, non-pointy fringe.


Yep, big changes. Plus I’m madly scheming to make over our house one room at time. Once the wedding was over I found myself without a PROJECT, and I can’t have that. It’s either renovate or get knocked up, and babies are sticky.

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