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I had a moment of clarity this weekend; as I heard the words, “Excuse me, do you have a condom?” come out of Lara Fuller’s mouth on Saturday, I knew my life was significantly closer to fulfillment.

You see, this Saturday was Lara Fuller’s Hens’ celebration in Sydney… Or as my sister and I were referring to it (because of Lara’s characteristically demure/tasteful behaviour), “The Lara Fuller Cotillion.”

Oh, how five consecutive shots of tequila enhance one’s wild side. In 7 or so years of knowing Lara Fuller, I can probably count the number of inappropriate things she’s said on one hand. She is averaging less than ONE OFF COLOUR COMMENT PER YEAR, people. She doesn’t even wear inappropriately cut clothing – not even loud colours!  So you SEE what we are dealing with here, and can thus understand how thrilling it is to get her totally drunk and force her to do embarrassing things.

Fuller & I on our way to the party – please note the sweater that was her outfit choice for her bachelorette party

We had lunch at 4Fourteen in Surry Hills which was is a beautiful space, and the food is also very good. From there, we laid out a trail of tabasco laced tequila shots to lure Fuller through Surry Hills on a pub crawl, and she happily complied.

Lara held up admirably well, everyone seemed to have a ball and we finished up the night dancing – I’d say it was a success… Now onto Part II: Boston.


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