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Monthly Archives: April 2012

No one else really wanted to do this, but I REALLY wanted to do this. Crocodiles are so terrifying, how could you not want to get as close as possible to a live one?

Hartley’s crocodile & wildlife farm was cool. You wouldn’t think there would be enough to do there to last a whole morning, but there was. Boat rides to see the crocs in the swamp, tours of the breeding farm, snake shows, koala feedings, etc. We went in the pouring rain and it was still pretty good. Crocs don’t mind the rain, I suppose.


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Just a quick post with a few pics from the gorgeous resort we stayed in at Port Douglas, the Thala Beach Lodge. It was about 15 minutes drive from town, and absolutely stunning – both the hotel itself, and the 150 acre property it sat on.

my mom spotted this mushroom with net growing from it, so cool


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By now, everyone here is familiar with my rainforest obsession, so imagine how excited I was to actually walk in one and see those big old trees in person.

Next to snorkeling, this was the highlight of my trip – we did a two hour walk through the Daintree Rainforest, starting off on a solid walkway near the tree line, and eventually taking a winding path deep into the forest, where it was very dark and did, in fact, rain/drizzle incessantly.

Nick tried to get on my mom's good side by wrapping her camera in his shirt to protect it from rain. She totally bought it...sucker.


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More great barrier reef pics? Well, okay.

Also – not too brag, but this was in the middle of the rainy season. And it rained pretty much every other moment, except for the day we went snorkeling – could that water BE any flatter? It was almost surreal.

Worth noting is the company we went with – Wavelength. Highly recommend them – they made it an amazing experience – super friendly and knowledgable, and only 30 people or so on the boat made it a bit more intimate. AND they photographed everything beautifully – that’s where I’m getting the underwater pics from, can’t take credit for those.

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Yep, forrealz. Nick proposed and I said yes – how lucky am I?

This is how it happened:

When we were in Port Douglas with my parents, we got stuck in Cairns for an extra night before flying out, due to torrential rainfall. So, we checked into a hotel and found our way to a pub with a deck of cards, and got comfortable.

My parents had lunch with us and then left to wander around Cairns, but Nick and I parked ourselves and started playing rummy (yeah I know, we’re old.) Mom and Dad came back later, we had dinner and all sat around chatting. At some point in there, Nick asked my Dad’s permission, and my Dad said yes. Then Nick turned to me and asked me – much to all of our surprise – and I said yes, too! Then we had champagne!


I mean seriously – could Nick and I have done it any other way?

So, we are tying the knot August 31, 2013. Can’t wait.


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