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I spend a lot of time watching Law & Order SVU. Like, a LOT.

Incidentally, I  spend a lot of time worrying about what will happen when I see every episode in existence of Law & Order SVU. I know there are like a million episodes, but at the rate I consume them, this won’t last forever. It’s very sad and scary for me, a lot of EMOTIONS happening.

Also concerned that I will finish watching all the eps and I will never get to see Olivia and Elliot make out which is important to me. I have a lot invested in this.

Elliot: Olivia, wow. You look fantastic today.

Olivia: I know, I look hot everyday. I can do pretty much anything with my hair and sill look fabulous. You look  pretty good today yourself. That tie is very masculine yet sensitive yet gruff yet heart of gold.

Elliot: Let’s M.O.

Olivia: We can’t! You’re a married man.

Elliot: I know, but I’m really not that into my wife. You see how I always look annoyed when I talk about her. I have this whole virgin/whore complex going on with her – she’s the mother of my children, but I just can’t CONNECT with her the way I do with you.

Olivia: Ok, I understand. It’s true that I am WAY better looking.

(have sex, Olivia smokes a cigarette in bed afterwards like a badass)




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