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Monthly Archives: January 2012

This past week we had Thursday off for Australia Day. In past years I’ve worked behind the bar, or had a barbecue – opted for anything really, rather than cram myself into a pub with a million sloppy drunk people.  I don’t have any objections to getting sloppy drunk in a bar (see: hobbies)  but I prefer my personal space while I do it.

So Fuller and Andy and I opted to get out of town for the night. We headed down to Berry on the South Coast of Sydney  because I read this article about the best little known beaches in New South Wales and became obsessed with going to 7 mile beach. Berry is this adorable little town with all old timey stuff, Ye Olde Cuckoo Clock Shoppe, etc. It’s very cute and you would probably kill yourself if you lived there.

We stayed above the pub at the Berry Hotel which was cheap and right in the centre of town. When we got there at 9pm on Friday night, everything looked pretty sleepy and quiet. We ate at the Hungry Duck – food was beautiful and the waitress was amazing (not JUST because she let us buy an extra bottle of wine to sneak into our purse for takeaway).  We went back to the hotel room and drank red wine out of teacups and played this card game Wizard until 2am which is like hearts but more fun. Or it WOULD have been more fun if Lara Fuller didn’t cheat so hard.

The next morning we wanted to go for a hike, and Fuller had found this one in Kangaroo Valley, about 40 mins away. She said it was medium – hard and promised rainforest and waterfalls. Which there were:

silly american

But there were also leeches.

We’re like an hour into this really strenous hike. Like seriously, sliding down hills on our bums, hanging onto tarzan vines, no trail. And we get to this pretty waterfall and I’m snapping away on my camera and I look down and see something on my leg and brush it off and IT STICKS. And Andy has to rip a leech off me while I scream.

Which I could have recovered from IF THERE WEREN’T FIVE MORE ON ME.

I basically had a panic attack and aborted our hike, and I didn’t stop freaking out until I finally went in the ocean. I am still thinking about if there may be one deep in my ear having babies.

Here is a convo between Lara and I on gchat today:

me:  oh my gah.trying to google image leeches to show what i mean in my blog bost. freaking out. think i have PTSD

Lara:  haha, leave out leech images – i think that may be best

me:  yeah i had to stop
but if you really want to fuck up your day
google image “leech”
Lara:  nah, totally not going to do that – pretty sure the imagery would make me very unhappy
i did have to google PTSD


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The other day Valentine and Piper came over to hang out with me and we had a wee photo shoot. We have one of those Tivo things that records programs at home, and so I stockpile Scoopy Doo eps for when they come over to ensure they love me back.

Also, Dad:  please note above evidence that eating on couch ban is not limited to you.


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I spend a lot of time watching Law & Order SVU. Like, a LOT.

Incidentally, I  spend a lot of time worrying about what will happen when I see every episode in existence of Law & Order SVU. I know there are like a million episodes, but at the rate I consume them, this won’t last forever. It’s very sad and scary for me, a lot of EMOTIONS happening.

Also concerned that I will finish watching all the eps and I will never get to see Olivia and Elliot make out which is important to me. I have a lot invested in this.

Elliot: Olivia, wow. You look fantastic today.

Olivia: I know, I look hot everyday. I can do pretty much anything with my hair and sill look fabulous. You look  pretty good today yourself. That tie is very masculine yet sensitive yet gruff yet heart of gold.

Elliot: Let’s M.O.

Olivia: We can’t! You’re a married man.

Elliot: I know, but I’m really not that into my wife. You see how I always look annoyed when I talk about her. I have this whole virgin/whore complex going on with her – she’s the mother of my children, but I just can’t CONNECT with her the way I do with you.

Olivia: Ok, I understand. It’s true that I am WAY better looking.

(have sex, Olivia smokes a cigarette in bed afterwards like a badass)



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This past weekend, there was an electrical fire at the Sydney Academy. The whole place needs to be basically gutted and restored. Which means I am a busy, busy girl. Stupid busy, silly busy, my brain is short circuiting busy, I seriously almost forgot to EAT LUNCH BUSY (*almost*). BUSY, YO. Back later.

Is it totally creepy that I love looking at photographs of abandoned stuff?

power plant



swimming pool





home for coloured boys, west virginia

home for coloured boys, west virginia

If you’re creepy like me, have a ball:

That’s just a few… there are loads. I like the ones that have stories to them.

I hope I don’t have no friends now that I’ve shared my secret shame – jayyyy kayyy I look up WAY more disturbing stuff than this. If anyone checked out my browser history, I would def look like a serial killer.

Crime library, anyone?


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Happy New Year, sorry for not posting, my bad, etc.

Nick didn’t buy me a puppy for Christmas.

It’s lucky that I am both a talented problem solver and an understanding girlfriend.

The obvious solution is I start making plans to become the proud owner of  a hairless cat.

This could go one of two ways:

1) I get a hairless cat – yay!

2) Nick realizes I’m serious as cancer about this hairless cat thing and  gets me a puppy – yay!

Its win-win, really.

At first I was doing it just to aggravate Nick. But you guys, I’m seriously into it now – I mean, how cute are they, forrealz? I’m into the gray ones. Plus they sleep under the covers with you – that makes my heart swell with cat lady joy.

Visit: I swear you’ll be converted.

I have been looking online and I wanted to go visit this breeder with kittens last week, but it was too far. I’ll keep you posted. NICK IF YOU ARE READING THIS I AM DEAD SERIOUS.



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