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Notes on this year’s xmas-

1) I have finished all of my xmas shopping b/c I’m obsessive – let’s be real, I was finished in November. Now I gotta eat crackers with peanut butter for all of December to finance it.

2) I am getting used to people saying “Happy Christmas” instead of “Merry Christmas” which used to make me twitch.

3) This is third xmas down here, and the first time I got a tree!

It’s fake, two feet tall and it’s ornaments are ghetto – but I don’t care because….

it’s hot outside! After I put up my crappy tree I went for a swim (ie put my feet in the pool, getting your hair wet is for fools).

4) This is also the first year Karen and Rob will be in town for xmas, which means I get to see these guys:

Sir Valentine

Miss Piper

5) Lastly, I’m pretty sure Nick’s getting me a dog for xmas. I can FEEL it.




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