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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Do you think this is funny? I definitely think it’s funny.

looking at a sweater

looking at a cucumber

looking at rice

From the blog kim jong-il looking at things – hilarious.



Courtesy of Passion About Design who just put in a showroom around the corner from my home. That’s like building a casino next to gambling addict.

It’s something about the black/green yellow/blue combinations that I love.

Here, have a song.

They kinda like an Australian Vampy Weekend.


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Notes on this year’s xmas-

1) I have finished all of my xmas shopping b/c I’m obsessive – let’s be real, I was finished in November. Now I gotta eat crackers with peanut butter for all of December to finance it.

2) I am getting used to people saying “Happy Christmas” instead of “Merry Christmas” which used to make me twitch.

3) This is third xmas down here, and the first time I got a tree!

It’s fake, two feet tall and it’s ornaments are ghetto – but I don’t care because….

it’s hot outside! After I put up my crappy tree I went for a swim (ie put my feet in the pool, getting your hair wet is for fools).

4) This is also the first year Karen and Rob will be in town for xmas, which means I get to see these guys:

Sir Valentine

Miss Piper

5) Lastly, I’m pretty sure Nick’s getting me a dog for xmas. I can FEEL it.



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I gave Nick a hard time about my birthday this year. I wouldn’t give him hints as to what I wanted, but told him to choose gifts carefully as i was going to take them as a direct reflection of how “well he knew me, and therefore, loved me.” I was just messing with him, hahhhh, so funnay. But look how well he did!

tom binns amo ring

I know - a dress, risky , right?

but look, so cute!

He also got me a baby frangipani , which is the most beautiful tree – I don’t think we have them in the US. It’s my favorite, and it’s flowers smell amazing.

flower close up

What my tree will one day look like if I don't kill it first.

Well played, Nick. Now don’t mess it up at Christmas. Jay kay, jay kay.


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Team Schmitt

Today when I was googling myself (shut up, like you don’t do it) I came across this picture.

I’ve always liked this photo¬† and today I figured out why:

1) That’s an awesome bikini and it mysteriously disappeared, not sure how this seems to happen all the time with clothes I love.

2) THIS IS THE CLOSEST I WILL EVER GET TO PLAYING A TEAM SPORT. Look at us, lifting our beers and drinking in unison, we are really aggressively and successfully achieving what we set out to do here – as a TEAM.

Lately, I have been thinking about all the things I thought I would do in my life but haven’t, and probably won’t – ie. live in the jungle and study monkeys, invent healthy cigarettes that are infused with vitamins/calcium, get my arms covered in tatoo sleeves but never have my parents find out,¬† get invited backstage at a concert and make the bass guitarist (lead singers too needy) fall hopelessly in love with me by NOT sleeping with him. It’s all very depressing really.

Anyways, I never played a team sport. Technically I was on some teams, but I wouldn’t say I actually contributed anything beyond very cute sneakers and a poor attitude. And now, I probably never will play a team sport. And that’s ok, I can accept that. Team sports make me a little nauseous.

But being in my late 20s and not having adopted three adorable half black/half asian babies?

REALLY feel like my life might be passing me by/Angelina Jolie maybe stole my destiny.


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