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I read this very interesting article from a chick who went undercover to The Gathering, the Insane Clown Posse’s annual rape foam party music festival and lived to tell the tale.

It fascinated/disturbed me (translation: I LOVED it)  and so I went on to read this article  from the Village Voice, another view from inside The Gathering.

There are lots of things that amaze me about these peeps…  that this show is allowed to happen year after year,  that females willingly take part in this…but most of all I want to know how all these flabby white kids from the Midwest found each other. I blame MySpace.

For the record, I’m torn. I don’t condone misogyny. But I DO condone this:

sad Leprechaun

I wonder what Australia’s answer to American juggalo culture is. I wonder if there is some thriving subculture of angry suburban outcasts that I don’t know about. If they do exist, I can guarantee they dress better. (Australians are just more stylish, it’s  a true science fact). Going to make it my personal mish to find out. Will let you know.



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