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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Just discovered the Rolling Stone online archives and spent an afternoon reading random articles. There was one on “scene queen” Kiki Kannibal that I couldn’t get out of my brain afterwards, so twisted.

You can read it here.


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Which means it’s summer shoe shopping time, obvi. New buys:



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I read this very interesting article from a chick who went undercover to The Gathering, the Insane Clown Posse’s annual rape foam party music festival and lived to tell the tale.

It fascinated/disturbed me (translation: I LOVED it)  and so I went on to read this article  from the Village Voice, another view from inside The Gathering.

There are lots of things that amaze me about these peeps…  that this show is allowed to happen year after year,  that females willingly take part in this…but most of all I want to know how all these flabby white kids from the Midwest found each other. I blame MySpace.

For the record, I’m torn. I don’t condone misogyny. But I DO condone this:

sad Leprechaun

I wonder what Australia’s answer to American juggalo culture is. I wonder if there is some thriving subculture of angry suburban outcasts that I don’t know about. If they do exist, I can guarantee they dress better. (Australians are just more stylish, it’s  a true science fact). Going to make it my personal mish to find out. Will let you know.


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Don’t care that Carles shit on it, I like this track.

Also, I don’t know what a “Sonic” slushie is, but I’m pretty sure I’d be into pouring vodka into it.


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spotted on Crown St, Surry Hills

Nothing pleases me more than an accidental furries refrence.



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Last night I shot a runway show at the Strand Arcade as Bauhaus Hair was part of the styling team. Beautiful event – string quartet, Chambord cocktails, and you really can’t beat the Strand’s space for atmosphere. Did I mention clothes that made me want to punch a baby? I’m talking to YOU, Alannah Hill.


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I would do unspeakable things to get my hands on one of these.

Things I WILL admit to doing, without qualm,  in exchange for a micro pig:

1) administer euthanasia

2) smash a child’s jack-o-lantern

3) watch a movie featuring dinosaurs and/or outer space

4) read Bill O’Reilly’s biography

5) steal your pet and trade it

6) wear crocs

Yallz, I’m serious. I WANT a mini pig. If my denial addled bf thinks he is not coming home to one of these little treasures in the near future, he is DELUSIONAL.


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