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Let’s explore why I came back from the states 6 pounds heavier, shall we?

Exhibit 1: Pizza and beer. And beer.  Aaaaand beer again.

FYI – Did you know Pizzamakers actually delivers pizza? And all these years I thought it was only weed. Huh.

Exhibit 2: Chef Wayne’s Big Mamou Cajun Restaurant

Just so you know, I have no regrets about this one. Big Mamou is an institution, and should you ever find yourself in the cultural wonderland that is Springfield, Massachusetts… this is THE ONLY PLACE YOU NEED TO GO.

And also, they have a website! Go, on, click on it – see how adorable it is, and see how cheap the prices are. And then see what comes out of their kitchen…


pulled pork

Exhibit 3: The Italian Markets in Philly

pasta fridge

So, do you see? As if you wouldn’t do the same .



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