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The reason I’ve been MIA is that directly following Hair Expo, I hopped a plane to head back to the US for a three-week holiday. Actually, I left Hair Expo with luggage in hand, had the taxi pull over to grab Nick at his work, and we went directly to the airport. It’s like I purposefully schedule things in a way that may or may not give me a nervous breakdown – keeps things exciting.

So, yeah, home. The first week was a whirlwind of Nick meeting my K through 12 friends, the staff from every restaurant I’ve ever worked at – and every person I bumped into at the gas station/bar/diner. He was a good sport about it, which is lucky for me, as I look forward to seeing those exact people all year long.

The best part was chilling at my parents’ house. In my head, summertime in Hampden is astonishingly GREEN, and being city bound, I was dying to get out there. Turns out I was not exaggerating. That shit is very, VERY green.

Dear Lord, Pocahontas is a good looking cat.

This calls for a Guster throwback.



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