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Monthly Archives: July 2011

There was a lot on this past weekend… but the most exclusive event was obviously Valentine’s birthday party on Park Ave in Mosman.

Piper Vela made her scene debut in black and white

Lara Fuller holds court at a corner table

Hudson hit the bottle a little too hard

the brithday boy stumbled out at the close of the evening

Nick and Lara sparked pregnancy rumors. Don't worry mom, they're LIES.

...and a fabulous evening was had by all.

Know how I know it was a killer party? Because at nine thirty pm Karen yawned and said, “Wow, we haven’t been out in SUCH a long time!”

We were at their kitchen table with purple teeth, playing Scattegories. Oh, the glamour.

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I’m too sad to write because I had to get my tooth pulled and now I have a hole in my head, and consequently, my pocket.


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Uh, six thousand gs?

That’s half a (high class) boob job.

h8 you dental care.



Phyllis Siegel, 76, arms raised, and Connie Kopelov, 84, in wheelchair, both of New York, celebrate after becoming the first same-sex couple to get married at the Manhattan city clerk's office, Sunday, July 24, 2011, in New York. (AP Photo/Jason DeCrow)

Having to constantly defend the US sometimes makes me weary. Feels good when the States gets something very right.

Full article on Huffington Post here.




Sydney boys!

This song makes me want to sit on the grass at North Bondi all afternoon. It’s a very rainy and windy winter’s day here at the moment. Sigh.



A few quick ones from our one night in New York.

Not much evidence of our time there as we were running around like mad the first day, and I was wrestling with a truly horrifying hangover hangover the next day.  (Thanks, Whiskey Ward. No seriously, thank you – those whiskey iced teas with the homemade honey were so, so worth it.)

We took stayed at Eventi Hotel in Chelsea, which I heard about from this super helpful article from NY times reviewing new and affordable boutique hotels in nyc.

Mixed feelings on Eventi. The rooms were beautiful, bed super comfy and bathrooms were massive. But they missed out on something atmosphere-wise. Front lobby and check in experience were kind of flustered and rushed.  The bar is a lounge/cocktail bar that’s set up impressively – until you sit down in the atrium and see how the furniture is run down and take a sip of your drink and realise the bartender has charged you $15 for a gimlet featuring Rose’s. Ick.

view from our room. Yikes.

I’m making it sound worse than it is. For the value and location, it was really quite nice, and I would happily stay there again – I would just switch up my drink selection.

That evening we met my lovely cousin Katie and her man for dinner at Pulino’s, a pizza place on the Lower East Side. So yum. That was followed by drinks at a basement club watching her friends’ band, and then onto the aforementioned Whiskey Ward where we met Christy, a friend I’ve known since we were five and very terrible children. We spent the rest of the night huddled up in a corner catching up while her boyfriend and my boyfriend had D & Ms over whiskey shots at the bar. Throwback photos? Oh, let’s do.

circa 2004

circa 2005

circa 2002 STOP LOOKING AT MY NAILS WITH JUDGEMENT. Them shits looked right at prom.

Okay, back to NY. The next day we made out way back to the Lower East Side for a wander and successfully found a cute restaurant for lunch, some odd parks, and the Brooklyn Bridge.

I couldn’t figure out what all the padlocks were all over Brooklyn Bridge – Turns out they are “love locks.” Read about it here.


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Goyte Facts:

  • prounounced “Gaultier,” as in Jean-Paul
  • Belgium born, Melbourne dwelling
  • I’m enjoying his blog – he has the Shaddap You Face video! Soulmates, amirite?


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I’ve been slightly high-strung lately (cough… understatement). I worked for two weeks in a row, days at the office and nights at AYH and The Welcome. In efforts to keep me slightly less irritable Nick promised me that this weekend we could do whatever I wanted. Whatever I want will pretty much always = sitting outside and reading/eating.

I looked at a Things to Do in Sydney site and read this article about Garie Beach in Sydney’s Royal National Park and was sold.

We packed sandwiches and set off. The beach is set deep into the National park, on the coast, about an hour drive from our house. We got there about 1 and spent the next few hours wandering around the Coast Track – truly beautiful. One of the best things about Sydney.. you don’t have to drive far outside the city to see an entirely new and stunning place.

they crazy

big wave

lunch break

glamour shot

abrupt end of trail

sun out

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If I were to move back stateside, I’m pretty sure it would be to Philadelphia.

The last time I visited was about five years ago. I liked it then, and I loved it even more this trip.

Plus, look how cute my niece is, sheesh.

We did a lot of walking around and exploring, and there seems to be a lot going on. Lots of cool restaurants and bars have opened up since I was last there, and the people in Philly seem to have a pretty good attitude. People still have the down-to-business Northeastern demeanour, but slightly different. Like, if someone was making a scene in the street: A Bostonian would walk past annoyed and not deigning to look over, while someone in Philly might walk by, but  with raised eyebrows and a shake of the head, bemused.

Also, (and obviously), we went to a Phillies game. The stadium was beautiful.