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Nick at fake monster trucks


My only problem with the Royal Easter Show was there wasn’t enough of it, which was my fault for going on the last night.

Nick’s family had gotten me all worked up about dog diving competitions, massive animal parades and giant vegetable contests. You can imagine how exciting this all sounded. But alas, on the last night it seems they let you pay to go in and look at carnies. Which is okay with me. I’m pretty into carnies. But still.

I also got to experience the show bag phenomenon, which I didn’t really understand until Nick explained that the “WHOLE POINT” of the show is to consume as many lollies as possible in six hours.  Once I saw the “Show Bag Pavillion,” this point was really illustrated. It’s a huge indoor arena filled with stands that sell you all different kinds of candy in Hello Kitty/Sesame Street/ etc. plastic bags.  Not lying.

Mostly, what my Royal Easter Show experience has served to do is cause me to become obsessed with going for multiple full days next year… can’t wait.



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