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On Friday, the boys went to the Rugby League match while Karen, Fuller, mom and I opted to go out to dinner. We went to Buon Ricardo in Paddington, where Karen had been before but the rest of us hadn’t.

I was totally surprised by how it looked inside – faux orange brick tiles on the floor and heinous floral printed chairs. This dinky little bar plopped in the middle, looking like the kind you’d find in your grandparents basement. The white jacketed waiters standing throughout the dining room looked like they had gotten lost on their way to their real job.

If there was a living room at Buon Ricardo

But it was CHARMING. In a city where bars are renovated every six months and the service and atmosphere often pale in comparison to a restaurant/bar’s design – this was a refreshing change. The service was elegant without being stuffy, the sommelier made wine suggestions that were helpful and reasonable, and the food itself was beautiful and simple.

Karen and Fuller asked the waiter to let the chef choose their entrées, and were rewarded with off menu creations that were delicious. The chef came out several times to lavish some special attention on my mom, and make a fuss over Karen who is about eight months pregnant. It was all really lovely.

Highlights were the duck consommé and the Fuller’s specially made entrée of cantelloni. Overall, wonderful.



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