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look what was in my inbox this morning

At first when Nick revelaed his obsession I was like, forreals? I have to find the one dude in Australia into baseball?

But the thought of being back at Fenway has me pretty excited.

Game day checklist goes like this:

  • Pregame =  posted up at Audubon with margaritas and burgers
  • Pop into Game On for a delicious ice cold Bud Lite and see how close we can get to giving ourselves seizures with all the tvs.
  • Stop at the Red Sox store so Nick can squander all his money on team merch
  • Game. Three hours of running Nick beer and hot dogs while he has a series of moments.
  • Eastern Standard for a Whiskey Smash and nostalgia
  • Back to Audubon to slur broken Spanish at the Brasilian staff letting them know how much I love and miss them. Maybe some tear action.
  • End up at the Lennox where we’ll probs try to get into one of their bars, and they’ll throw us out but can’t REALLY throw us out b/c we’re staying there, jerks.

So, I mean, I LOVE baseball.



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