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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Pacific Blue has put me in the poor house, so clearly I spent my lunch hour torturing myself on home decorating blogs.


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Last night was the Hair Expo Awards cocktail party at Blue in Wooloomooloo.

And, and, and…. We’re in!

Of the two categories we entered, we’ve placed as finalists in both.

Pivot Point Academy is in it for Training Organisation of the Year, while Bauhaus Hair has a chance of pulling off the 2011 Excellence in Marketing Award.

Looks like I’ll be needing to buy another new outfit for the Awards night in June…

Jay kay, jay kay.





look what was in my inbox this morning

At first when Nick revelaed his obsession I was like, forreals? I have to find the one dude in Australia into baseball?

But the thought of being back at Fenway has me pretty excited.

Game day checklist goes like this:

  • Pregame =  posted up at Audubon with margaritas and burgers
  • Pop into Game On for a delicious ice cold Bud Lite and see how close we can get to giving ourselves seizures with all the tvs.
  • Stop at the Red Sox store so Nick can squander all his money on team merch
  • Game. Three hours of running Nick beer and hot dogs while he has a series of moments.
  • Eastern Standard for a Whiskey Smash and nostalgia
  • Back to Audubon to slur broken Spanish at the Brasilian staff letting them know how much I love and miss them. Maybe some tear action.
  • End up at the Lennox where we’ll probs try to get into one of their bars, and they’ll throw us out but can’t REALLY throw us out b/c we’re staying there, jerks.

So, I mean, I LOVE baseball.


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Alex's office

Alex, an old friend from Boston, was in Sydney this morning – he works on a cruise . Back in the day we used to work at Giacomo’s together in the South End. I was 18 and had just moved to the city for college and Alex looked after me.

By ‘looked after me,’ I mean brought me  to seedy bars in the North End where he would drink Johnny Walker (Black) and smoke Marlboros (Red) and I would drink whatever was put in front of me and then concentrate really hard on acting like I wasn’t drunk.

Most nights would end with Alex, myself, and his flatmate Cosmin at their kitchen table babbling at each other eating pickles and various meat that they cooked.

This sounds stranger than it felt.

Anyways, was so good seeing Alex. Re-crossing paths unexpectedly is a lovely thing – I was sitting across from him at coffee smiling to myself about how it is that we had both ended up in the same city, at the same time, on the other side of the world.


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New buys! More specifically, new work buys.

I have an excuse – we have an event next week – it’s the finalists announcement for the Hair Expo awards. And it’s at Blue in Wooloomooloo. And I helped write our award submissions. Which means I DESERVE A NEW OUTFIT.

I admit that I’m fully addicted to They have free international shipping!