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Do you know what wonderful new way to waste time I’ve discovered?

Reading stories from people who were born into, or joined Scientology as minors, but left as adults.

This stuff is so bizarre, you couldn’t MAKE it up, and it’s fascinating.

Highlights? Child labour, excessive sleep deprivation resulting in health problems, teenage marriages, forced confessionals, ‘disconnecting’ from family and friends the church deems harmful.

Some of the people telling the stories have been year and years out of the organisation, but the way they write shows how much a part of them their experiences still are. Their vocabulary is different, their line of reasoning or way of explanation seems stunted.

Many of them still express support for the church and blame their personal experience on individuals rather than the organisation as a whole. The vast majority of them seem to feel excruciatingly guilty about betraying the organisation through sharing their stories.

Check em out – some of the jargon can be confusing, but you’ll piece it together after reading a couple people’s stories.



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